Concrete Epoxy Coating FAQs


Do you have questions about how epoxy will work on your concrete floors? You’re not the only one, plenty of home and business owners wonder how epoxy could benefit their property. Let’s get into common questions that individuals ask epoxy professionals before starting and completing construction projects of all sizes.

Is there a product that can withstand heavy machinery and tools?

Yes, there is an epoxy that withstands heavy machinery as well as tools used in various situations, including industrial settings. The epoxy coating used will depend on the project as well as your goals for your flooring.

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Is it necessary to add a topcoat to epoxy flooring?

When using concrete floor covering products like epoxy, you will need a top coating applied. Topcoats seal any chips in paint and make the floor look uniform and glossy. Without this coating, the flooring will not be protected and may become discolored over time.

What if I don’t like the epoxy colors I see?

If you’ve found yourself less than impressed by the color options available, you’ll be happy to know that you can blend colors and make your own epoxy coating color. Professionals can mix a color that looks amazing on your floors and provides supreme protection.

Can I apply epoxy to a concrete floor that is damaged?

If you have a concrete floor that is crumbling, you can still apply epoxy coatings to it. You will need to get rid of any loose concrete and then fill in pits with a compound designed to patch concrete. Once this is done, you’ll be able to get floors coated.

If you have any additional questions about concrete flooring or epoxy in your home or commercial business, get in touch with professionals specializing in epoxy and flooring near you to gain more information about how to improve and preserve your flooring.