Signs of Mosquito Infestations


Mosquitoes are pests that are known by many by their buzzing noises and the itchy bumps they leave behind after biting their victims. Not only are they irritating, they can also carry harmful diseases that can be passed onto humans as well as animals when they bite. These reasons alone have led many to seek ways to control mosquito populations and reduce bites.

Mosquitoes, however, are small and can be difficult to find and kill. Professional mosquito treatment in Princeton provides numerous solutions to mosquitos and should be called as soon as you notice you have a problem with mosquitoes. Infestations can be dangerous and should be reported as soon as possible, so let’s look at signs of a mosquito infestation.

Standing Water

Female mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, as it is a good location for eggs to survive in. When you have stagnant water around the home, you are more likely to have mosquitoes on your property. Even standing water in a container the size of a bottle cap can be a breeding ground for hundreds of mosquito eggs.

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When you notice buzzing around your ears more often, you likely have a mosquito problem on your property. The buzz of a mosquito is distinct and high pitched, so you are likely to hear them even if you cannot see them due to their size or the level of light.

Shady Areas

Mosquitoes are most active when it is evening as well as dusk and they enjoy hiding in shady areas when it is sunny out. Vegetation can also be a hiding spot for mosquitoes, so if you see them buzzing around in the shade you likely have a mosquito infestation.

These three signs of an infestation can help you know when to turn to professionals for assistance with your mosquito problem.